May 23, 2013 1 min read

I was going through some old photos recently (film slides actually) and I came across this photo of Tom Maxwell, at center, whom I’ve written about quite a bit on this site. The photo was taken in 1998 and, if memory serves, we were on the West Branch of the Delaware where we had met up to fish. Tom would pass away later that year so this was the last time that I was able to fish together with him. I remember working down through a pool and Tom coming along behind me and hooking a good sized brown trout that I hadn’t seen, and I also remember thinking to myself that Tom, ailing health notwithstanding, was clearly enjoying being on the water just as much as he always had. I also remember that this was the first time that Junior, who was a teenager at the time, got to meet him which was a special thing for me. I do wish that we had had a few more days like this before he passed away, but I’m also deeply thankful for all of the great time we spent in the shop and on the river together during the better part of three decades.

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