March 06, 2011 1 min read

Apologies for the dearth of posts in the last two weeks (aside from the Restigouche Announcement). As you might have guessed it’s been a pretty busy stretch here in the shop. I’ve been devoting almost all my time to getting some of my bamboo blank stores replenished, and I’ve been prepping, cutting, and gluing a lot of cane. For the most part I’ve been trying to stick to at least one post a week on the site (and ideally two) but sometimes it’s not always in the cards. There are a few good posts that are currently in the works though and which should appear as soon as Junior and I kick them back and forth for a few more edits.

As for right now a friend recently sent this photo along from fishing in Canada this past year and I thought I’d put it up. As you can see, they were taken on a really rainy day, which is often good for Salmon fishing since the fish tend to become more active when the water rises a bit. As usual, Izzy was there to supervise.


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