July 29, 2010 1 min read

We just sent out an email about this but I wanted to give a quick heads up in case folks missed it (if so you may want to sign up for our email list via the form on the right hand part of this page). We now have a new “in-stock” page (it’s on the navigation bar between “rods” and “contact us”) where we’ll be posting available rods from here on out. It’s pretty rare that we have our own rods for sale (unfortunately it usually means something bad has happened to the original customer who had it on order) but it does happen from time to time. The current rod is a beauty, a 7’3″ Hunt Pattern Special.

I’m also asked with some regularity if I’d be willing to sell rods on consignment, so I’ve posted my general guidelines for doing so here. My quick rule of thumb is that if it starts to take away from my ability to get rods out the door then I don’t do it, but with Junior helping out quite a bit these days I should be able to do some more of this. Feel free to be in touch if you’re interested.

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