June 21, 2010 1 min read

Photo via Flickr: Horia Varlan

One of the issues that comes up from time to time is the fact that while our site is only in English, many of our customers speak English as their second or third language (if at all). Ordinarily, what has happened in the past is that they will have to hunt down someone who is bilingual in order to get information about rods, etc., and then have that person place an order on their behalf when the time comes. It’s kind of pain all around.

Hopefully things just got a little easier though since we’ve now installed an application which auto-translates the content on this site into multiple languages, an application which you can find on the right-hand sidebar of this page, the one with all of the country flags. Just click on the flag of the language that you want the site translated into, and presto, it converts it into a rough approximation. We’ve tried it a few times already, and while it may be a little glitchy with certain rodbuilding specific words like “ferrules” or “reel seats” it seemed worth it to give the technology a try.

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