May 04, 2010

I have to admit a certain amount of guilt about this, but after reading about the imminent grasshopper infestation that’s about to clobber the American West, my first thought went immediately to trout fishing (only then did I recover my senses and feel sorry for what this might do to the region’s farmers). You see, the last time I was out that way some of my best days were comprised of fishing hoppers for bank-cruising fish. Often very large fish and often taking flies with a vengeance.

Of course the more you read about the last hopper plague (1985), the nastier it gets. The last time around the little devils ate just about everything in sight (including the paint off of buildings apparently) which caused all sorts of destruction. It was so bad that this time around some states are calling for federal help in trying to suppress the outbreak.

Still, it makes one wonder what the fishing will be like if they come out in full force…

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