January 30, 2010 1 min read

I think it’s fair to say that bamboo fly rods tend to attract a certain type of person. Odds are you probably admire those who practice a craft. You probably appreciate things that takes a good deal of time, energy, and focus. You probably also care about the way that something is done, and not just the end-result (otherwise you probably wouldn’t be a fly-fisherman at all, and might just fish with dynamite). And while bamboo rod enthusiasts are often caricatured as tweed-garbed, pipe-smoking Tories, the fact of the matter is that most of us are varying degrees of traditionalist when it comes to angling.

At any rate, I couldn’t help but smile when a fellow rodmaker recently sent along the following note:

“Well done. It’s about time you joined the 20th century with a website.”

I guess in our world joining the 20th century– a full century behind everyone else–is probably something akin to high praise.

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