Bill Abrams Dickerson Ray Bergman Special Taper 8' 2/2 #5

SKU: 580

A William Abrams "Ray Bergman Special" Dickerson taper fly rod, 8', 2-piece, 2-tip, built for a #5 line. 4.6 oz. Used but very good condition. The varnish has a few minor chips here and there. Fast action. Medium color cane with three up node pattern. The nodes are small and appear to have been pressed. There is an occasional glue seam showing adjacent to the nodes though none are open. The wraps are brown tipped black. Oversize agate stripper. Chrome snake guides. The step ferrules are oxidized. The varnish is very good. The grip is 6" long and shaped to a large western style. The reel seat is a commercial unitary nut and slide downlocking screw-lock with a nickel silver pocket cap at the bottom. The amber-colored varnished wood spacer may be a broadleaf maple burl and the color matches the rod nicely. The tips are straight and the ferrule fits are good.  The rod comes in a tan cloth bag and an aluminum tube with brass top and collar. The tube has a data sticker pasted on.