Jim Reams Bamboo Fly Rod 7'8" 2/2 #3

SKU: 776

A nice Jim Reams fly rod, 7'8", 2-piece, 2-tips, built for a #3 line though feels to me like it could also cast a #4. Serial #169. P2 8.06 HB. 3.3 ounces. Medium fast, full flexing action. Excellent used condition. Very thin but good varnish coat and the cane is done in a 2-opposed construction. Carbide stripper and snake guides. Truncated swiss-style ferrules which are oxidized. The wraps are a very light tan with darker brown edges, brown at the ferrules with a tan and brown edge. The tips have a set in the vicinity of the second guide down. The grip is a 6" long half wells profile. Stabilized burl spacer with an uplocking slide band seat. Tan cloth vag and brass topped aluminum tube with the Reams data sticker.