Mark Canfield "Secret Creek Special Tournament" Fly Rod 6'8" 2/2 #4 [SALE PENDING]

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A Mark Canfield (Red Willow and Co.) "Secret Creek Special Tournament" Fly Rod, 6'8", 2-piece, 2-tip, built for a #4 line. Serial #483. Mint condition and a very fast action. Blonde cane with yellow main wraps and edges of red and yellow jasper. Black snake guides. Tips are 3 up node spaced and the butt appears to be semi-random. The wrap flat is lettered "M Canfield 'Secret Creek  Sp Tournament' ".  Just in front of the keeper wrap is lettered "Tournament, no 3 of 12, prototypes". Varnish is very nicely done. The ferrules are Swiss-style and oxidized (however, the female oxidation is a little patchy here and there). The grip is 6" long in a very blunt cigar weighted to the front. The reel seat is cap and ring and the wood is a select piece of varnished, mortised Koa. The butt cap has a horseshoe stamped on the bottom and "Red Willow and Co, Mark Canfield, Maker" is stamped opposite the wrap flat (here too the oxidation on the butt cap is somewhat patchy). The rod is packed in a tan cloth bag and brass cap aluminum tube. The cap is stamped with the horseshoe and "Secret Creek-Sp. Tournament".