Paul Young Parabolic 15 Bamboo Fly Rod 8' 2/2 #5

SKU: 815

A nice Todd Young Parabolic 15 model fly rod in the Young tradition, 8', 2-piece, 2-tip, built for what feels to me like a #5 line. Used good condition with one good tip and one tip full length but damaged. Semi parabolic full flexing action. Todd Young is, of course, the grandson of Paul Young. The damaged tip has a corner splinter driven off about 4" below the second guide below the tip top. Additionally, it has another damaged area about 3" below the tip top, and a few scratches here and there. The cane has the mottled flame treatment we are used to seeing from Young rods and the nodes are two-opposed. The rod is inked one flat left "8'-4 oz. Parabolic 15" and on the wrap flat "T Young 78". Carbide stripper and black snake guides. The wraps are a medium brown with a darker brown edge at the ferrule and a band of red at the tip top to separate the tips. Oxidized step ferrules. The grips is 6 1/2" long in a ventilated half wells style. The reel seat is a downlocking screw lock with "light bulb" style threads of black anodized aluminum. Cork spacer and aluminum black anodized pocket cap. The cap is stamped "Paul H Young Rod Co, Detroit - Mich" in a cartouche. Comes packed in a white cloth bag and a Cortland style brushed aluminum tube with a brass top and bottom.