Payne 107 Fly Rod 8'10" 2/2 #6/7

Here we have a Payne 107 model 2-piece 2-tip, 8’10” in length and weighing 5 3/8 oz. It is built for a #6 or #7 line. This is a rare model indeed. In fact when I asked a friend who is among the most knowledgable Paynes aficionados I know, he confessed to having seen only one in his entire life.This rare model dates from the 1950’s and was only cataloged for one or two years.

It has a nice fast progressive action, very good rod for big water. Wrapped brown with yellow edges. Super original varnish with only a few scuffs and chips. The grip is Western style (note: there is a chip out of the cork missing at the heel of the grip). Walnut insert. “Payne reg U.S. Pat off” stamped on the up lock screw lock.

Now for the bad news: as you can see in the photo above, one of the tips is 7 1/2″ short. The female ferrule and one tip ferrule show evidence of the use of pliers resulting in galling of the nickel silver ferrules. This damage is cosmetic only as ferrules are tight and slide in to their full length. The male ferrule on the short tip shows no sign of damage.

Original ferrule plug, tube, and bag with hanging tag. All in all a very unusual rod configuration – if you are a Payne collector this may be one of the only chances to get your hands on such an unusual model.