Thomas and Thomas Individualist Fly Rod 7'6" 2/2 #5 [SALE PENDING]

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An excellent Thomas and Thomas Individualist Custom fly rod, 7'6", 2-piece, 2-tip, built for a #5 line. Serial #2220. Weighs 2.9 oz. Medium fast action. Near mint or very lightly used condition. The rod tube has the early Fisk Ave. Greenfield sticker and the casting man hand-drawn by Tom Maxwell. The rod is impregnated and wrapped tan with yellow edges at the keeper, ferrules, and tip top. There is no swell to the butt. The node pattern is generally three up. The snake guides show almost no wear with just a bit of brassing. The rod is lettered "Thomas & Thomas 7'6" / #5" and the casting man on the wrap flat. The serial # is lettered just below the butt ferrule and on the tips just above. One tip is 2220-D and the other is 2220-N. The ferrules are Swiss-style but predate the period where they started soldering a collar on the males. Other early features are the lack of a swell on the butt (as mentioned) nor a roller die stamp on the butt cap. The ferrules and other hardware are polished bright. The grip is 6" long and a medium cigar profile. The reel seat spacer is mortised and varnished Walnut. The down lock screw lock barrel has the cutaway found in later T&T screw locks and the nut and slide are separated and made of polished aluminum. The ferrule fits are good and the rod is straight. Comes in an original aluminum tube with the aforementioned early Fisk Ave sticker.