AL Walker TR1 Trout Reel

SKU: 837

An excellent and hard-to-find Archie L. Walker “Fairie” trout reel. This 2 1/4” x 15/16” 3 oz. reel is the smallest trout reel ever made by either Walker, father or son. This RHW reel was made in 1958, and this RHW reel has what appears to be the model number “225” (the diameter of the reel) on the foot brace. The foot, spool, knurled grease cap and protective rims are aluminum. Two of the shouldered pillars are German silver, as are portions of the “S” shaped handle. This reel has never been mounted on a rod, and the hard rubber side plates and screws do not have a ding or a scratch on them. The grease cap has the earlier “ALW” (Arthur Lawson Walker) stamping. This tiny reel comes in a like-new yellow bag and the earlier black vinyl zippered case.