AL Walker TR3 Fly Reel - RHW

SKU: 560

A nice AL Walker TR3 fly reel, set up for RHW. Near mint condition. Some micro-scratches to the protective rims but super overall. 3" diameter with a 3/4" spool width. Weighs 5.7 oz. Black hard rubber side plates. Silver spool and rim guard, serpentine crank, foot, and oil cover. "Maker, A.L. Walker, N.Y." is stamped on the oil cover. Nickel silver was used for the counterbalance and the washer under the spool screw. The reel comes packed in a Walker pouch.

A short aside that I always think of when handling Walker reels. During a visit to the Walker shop on Long Island, Hap Mills of the H.L. Leonard Rod Co observed the Walker machinists using Schaublin 102 Swiss lathes to manufacture their reels and determined that the Leonard shop needed one to use in making ferrules. The Schaublin 102 W20 collet lathe cost the company almost $5,000 with collets and various attachments. At the IRS auction of the company Long Island rod maker Gus Nevros made off with it for $400!