Alexander Troehler (AT) Ranga #3 Fly Reel [SALE PENDING]

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An exceptionally rare AT Ranga #3 fly reel from Swiss maker Alexander Troehler. Set up for RHW. This reel diameter is listed at 84mm (or approximately 3 5/16") and the full width at 2 1/8". It weighs 10.25 ounces with capacity for 90 meters of 30lb backing. This "Ranga" model was originally created for rods up to 12 ft in length and line weights up to a #8. Precision machining is evident in this interesting classic/modern hybrid design, which has been machined from aluminum but ALTEF coated to create a protective layer that penetrates into the aluminum and gives it strong scratch and saltwater resistance. The drag is a 3-point system that is adjustable via a 16 stop dial on the faceplate. The whole reel is a dark anthracite color that is almost black, except for the foot, crank, and the mounting for the drag adjuster which are silver. Ventilated spool. "AT Ranga No. 3" has been lightly engraved into the faceplate and "Designed and Crafted in Switzerland by Alexander Troehler" into the exterior of the frame cross-section. Comes in a handsome circular leather case and box with model details noted on the outside. A very interesting and unusual reel, I believe these were once sold through Thomas and Thomas, but I have come across very few of them.