Edward Vom Hofe Tobique 504 Fly Reel 1/0 RHW [SALE PENDING]

SKU: 643

A superb Edward Vom Hofe Tobique 504 fly reel in a rare 1/0 size. RHW. Serial #G301  indicating a circa 1940 manufacture date. 3 1/8" diameter with a 1 3/16" spool width. 2 1/8 : 1 multiplier retrieve. Weighs 9.5 oz. Used but in excellent condition overall. The hard rubber side plates have no defects and the adjustable drag will go from light to tight enough to yank the rod and reel out of your hand on a big fish. The protective nickel silver rims have one tiny ding and a bit of use rash. The aluminum reel foot has some ridging from mounting on a rod. The aluminum serpentine handle will screw off if the spool is firmly held. The screw heads on the side plates show signs of having been disassembled and a few are at 80% original while the rest are 95%. Double pillars on either side. "504" and "1/0" are stamped on the reel foot crossbar and the serial # G301 on the front side. This is a sweet antique treasure that is still perfectly usable today. The reel comes packed in a leather box with the logo "Mills, New, York" stamped on the bottom and 1/0 stamped on the back. The buckle strap retainer on the case lid has come off but it is in the case and can be re-sewn on. This is the rarest of the 504s and finding one in this kind of excellent condition is rarer still!