Named after famed salmon angler Richard Hunt, the Hunt Pattern legacy reaches back to the 1920’s, when its namesake approached the Leonard Rod asking for a model darker than the traditional blonde cane. Leonard responded by staining Mr. Hunt’s fly rod to a dark, rich mahogany and oxidizing the ferrules – a look that would go on to become one of the company’s most popular in the prewar years. Decades later, under the leadership of Tom Maxwell, Leonard would reprise the Hunt Pattern model, this time by flaming the bamboo in the culm to produce the trademark color. My own Hunt Pattern is a more contemporary variation of the Leonard classic. Though cut on the same Leonard beveler, I have improved and modernized the tapers over the years to bring them more in line with the needs of modern anglers. The Hunt Pattern comes with a dark cherry root burl spacer and red wraps, and boasts a slightly faster action than my other models on account of the flaming and heat-treating process. From small spring creeks to big Western freestones, this model has long been a favorite of discriminating anglers.


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Length Weight Action Notes
 5' #3 Medium-Slow
Our "go-to" rod for smaller streams and private club waters; this little guy has proven itself over time, landing a 6lb Brown and several 8lb rainbows.
6'6" #3 Medium
The most delicate light-action rod in our lineup.
6'6" #4 Medium
The ideal rod for small stream enthusiasts who demand traditional moderate action without giving up the ability to deliver a dry-fly with precision
7' #4 Medium
All two-piece rods from 6'6" #3 to 7'6" #4 feature steeper tips married to flatter butts to deliver a lighter, more delicate action while preserving accuracy and fly delivery
7'6" #4 Medium
A superb all-around rod which can do virtually anything you ask of it
7'6" #5 Medium-Fast
This rod was designed by Tom Maxwell and I -- we admired the casting qualities of a 7'6" Halstead and designed this model with it in mind


 Length Weight Action Notes
6' #4 Very Fast
Very fine tips; best suited for small drys, streamers, and nymphs; expert casters
6'6" #3 Medium
Great small stream rod; flatter taper for more forgiving action; good for small drys, streamers, etc...
6'6" #4 Medium-Fast
Slightly faster rod for bigger water and heavier flies
7' #3 Medium
A longer rod which excels at small stream presentations
7' #4 Medium -Very Fast
Our workhorse rod; now available in two cuts - (1) our standard fast DF and (2) a newer medium cut with a sweet feel (we're expecting this to be a very popular action)
7' #5 Medium
Like the workhorse #4 but with a bit more power; great when you need to reach out a little further or throw larger flies
7'6" #3 Medium
Delicate longer rod great for late-season, more challenging water
7'6" #4 Medium-Fast
One of our 3 best sellers; great all-around rod
7'6" #5 Medium-Fast
Arguably our most popular model; fantastic all-around rod; fine tips allow tight loops with a great reservoir of power for distance casting.
7'6" #6 Fast
We love to fish this rod on the Delaware with big flies like March Browns and Green Drakes
8' #4 Medium-Fast
Very popular on the Delaware and Beaverkill; we fish spinners and other small flies all the way down to tricos; good at turning over very long leaders
8' #5 Medium-Fast
Our standard "western" rod; great for bigger water
8' #6 Medium
Similar to the 8' #5 but with a little extra power for big flies or windy days


 Length Weight Action Notes
6'9" #7/8 Fast
Our favorite rod for smaller waters in the Maritime Provinces; after three years of testing, this rod has landed Atlantic Salmon up to 18 lbs
7'3" #8/9 Very Fast
Designed with late fall Maritime conditions in mind; will cast very large flies with as short a stroke as possible, making it perfect for very windy weather
7'6" #7/8 Medium
Great all-around rod for medium to small pools; we've used this model for ages and it has landed hundreds of salmon including a 38-40 lb fish from Fraser pool on the Grand Cascapedia
7'9" #9/10 Fast
Designed as a compliment to the 7'3" #8/9; for bigger pools where you may need to make longer casts or shift to a #10 line when the wind is howling
8' #8 Medium-Medium Slow
A model that's more on the traditional side; for use on medium and smaller pools
8'6" #8/9 Medium-Slow
A great caster; when delivered to a new customer, he peeled the line off the reel, made two false casts, and threw the entire line
9' #8/9 Medium-Slow
A favorite of west-coast steelheaders