Welcome to our collection of videos - here you can learn more about the process of building fly rods and caring for them. We'll continue to try and add more as we make them, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. Enjoy!


Making Hardware

Payne-style Acorn Caps

In this video we make Payne-style Acorn caps for reel seats using form tools made by a friend of Jim Payne himself!

Reel Seat Slide Bands

In this video we picked up where we left off with our Payne-style Acorn caps - now we're ready to build the sliding band that goes on the reel seat.

Precision Ferrule Slides

In this video I show how I go about getting the most precise ferrule fit I can. Precision machining is the name of the game here!

Making Rod Tube Hardware

In addition to rods we also make our own rodtubes and this video spells out the process from beginning to end.


Care & Maintenance

Cleaning Ferrules

Keeping ferrules clean is a great practice and here's how we do it. A few q-tips, some alcohol, and a ferrule plug will set you up nicely for the long run!

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