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Rossman, Paul - Creative Salmon Fly Art (Volume 1 - Pheasants)

For sale here is Creative Salmon Fly Art (Volume 1 - Pheasants) by Paul Rossman. An Ornithological Schema. A treatise on the creative structure of Tying Artistic Salmon Flies. Each volume contains 15 flies representing 15 birds.

Trade edition with cloth/paper boards and dust jacket. 10" x 13"

"My schema flies are all about the structuring and restructuring of known forms. My inspiration and impetus comes from the botanical and ornithological prints from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Artists would take a specimen and examine it through their contemporary medium be it engraving, etching or lithograph."

"My flies have become the diagrams or even maps where I can feature parts (feather) from each species that I choose and structure the fly. The position of the feathers on the fly becomes as important as it is unimportant. That is, the restructuring (reorganization) of the feathers allows the fly to become something else in the abstract sense."

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