Flies for Rivers - Blue-Winged Olive

The Catskill dry fly itself, nothing more than feathers and steel to the unconcerned, bonds together all of what surrounds it, and its matchless beauty and form delight all who have fallen under its spell. — Mike Valla

The high-riding old-fashioned.  Ever-relevant for searching lies on small streams, freestones, and spring-fed trickles.

Casting a traditional quill recalls the elegant simplicity of a bygone era.  A Catskill dry's aesthetic appeal is without equal.

Sized to match color schemes of common mayfly genera. Polish quill bodies are hard-coated for unsurpassed durability. Matte black barbless hooks reduce glare and fish mortality, and Watershed™ treatment provides permanent waterproofing.

*Single fly photos courtesy of David Stenstrom

Size 18.

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