Hardy Combined Fly & Spinning Reel

SKU: VFT11835

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A fine example of what many consider to be Hardy Brother's first aluminium reel. Only made between (approx) 1894 and 1897 this 4" reel looks as though it only recently left the factory. It spins as freely as any Silex on its "compensating steel pivot bearing" and the optional click check works smoothly. The 3 3/4" brass (or possibly bronze) foot is unmolested. The twin ivorine handles spin freely. Quadruple brass drum pillars, rear sliding optional check button and milled spindle mounted tension adjuster, backplate stamped enclosed oval and straight line logo, raised brass spindle boss with domed steel locking screw. The faceplate is designed to be 'palmed' and the brass or bronze pillars are all unmarked. A remarkable example of a fine collectible reel.

This reel will ship from the UK.