Hatch Custom Fly Reel 7 Plus -- Lance Boen / Steelhead Lifecycle Limited Edition


Hatch worked with artist Lance Marshall Boen to produce these artist-engraved fly reels. Better than laser engraving, these reels are fully machined relief engraving into the surface of the reel. The results are stunning.

Limited Edition 18 of #30

Hatch was created for the hardcore and recreational angler alike. It’s dedicated to pioneers and pirates. It’s a brand whose sole focus is on providing the most stylish, high performance fly-fishing reels on the market today.

Stacked Disk Drag - The majority of the drags on the market today incorporate what we call one to one surface contact. meaning that one surface (metal) is driven or drawn toward another surface (cork, plastic, carbon fiber, graphite, etc.). Hatch reels take a completely different approach by incorporating a stacked disc drag. The discs are made up of a combination of stainless steel and Rulon, and positioned in a stacked configuration.

Notice that you have braking surface on both sides of the stainless steel discs. Since braking pressure is happening to both sides simultaneously, the material wears evenly.

EBS (Effective Braking Surface) - EBS is measured by the surface contact area of one disc times the number of surfaces it contacts. Each size reel has it's own unique disc size and combination. The size and number of discs determines the EBS in square inches. Now this explanation is way oversimplified, but it's a start. What does this mean?

• More surface area makes for a smoother, more durable drag and virtually eliminates start up inertia.

• Heat distribution occurs over multiple surfaces, rather than one to one contact, thereby eliminating stick slip problems caused by extreme heat in high-speed runs.

• Disc materials require no lubrication or maintenance.

Hatch Steelhead 7 Plus - 
Capable of running 7 through 9 weight lines, this fly reel is one versatile hombre. What lifts Hatch head and shoulders above the rest of the school is their unique sealed and maintenance free drag system. Their multi-stacked combination stainless steel and Rulan disk construction creates the smoothest, lowest startup inertia system with superior heat distribution If you're serious about saltwater or spey fishing than this is your next reel.

Like new condition. Large arbor. Left hand retrieve. 

Hatch 7 Plus Features:

  • Line Weight: 7-9
  • Spool Diameter: 4"
  • Spool Width: 1.125"
  • Weight: 8 oz.