Olson Reels - Raised Pillar Series

SKU: VFT12420

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Raised Pillar Series

Available with either a sealed disc drag or a gear-and-pawl check, the Raised Pillar Series is currently available in three sizes. The spool and drag shaft turn on sealed ball bearings. The name badges, crank- and drag-retention washers (sealed disc drag), handle shaft and counterweight are nickel silver. A single rolling pillar corresponds to either left- or right-hand wind. Please specify left-hand wind (LHW) or right-hand wind (RHW) for the Sealed Disc Raised Pillar Reel as the retrieve is not reversible.

Color options: all-black; silver frame and spool with black side plates; light-gold frame and spool with black side plates. The reel foot is furnished in black for an all-black Raised Pillar frame. The "S" crank is polished aluminum left "in the white".

Price: $1,600 for the Gear and Pawl Raised Pillar Reel; $2,200 for Sealed Disc Raised Pillar Reel. Please add $100 for either a silver frame or a light-gold frame with black side plates.

Please notice: Wait times on Mr. Olson's reels are running approximately 32-36 months currently. There is no guarantee on timing of delivery. No deposit is required at the time you place your reel order with me. After doing so, I will contact you when the reel is ready for delivery, at which time we can settle up on the price of the reel. Please contact me to place your order.