RD Taylor 6'6" 2/2 #4

An excellent medium, full-flexing Bob Taylor rod for a #4 line. Blonde cane with 2-up node configuration and no swell. Appointed with step ferrules, and all hardware is bright and polished. Medium cigar grip with a varnished applewood cap-and-ring seat. Rod is marked "23H-115". Wraps are wound in a sandy tan color with red accents at the keeper and male ferrules. The keeper ring is one flat right. Boats an SRMC stripper and bronze guides, with small hoop tip-tops. Rod is straight and ready to use. This rod shows very slight sign of use and is near mint (the only signs of use are a very faint imprint of a reel foot on the seat, very slight cork soiling, and aÌâ tiny spot of varnish chaffing near the stripping guide). This rod's lovely handmade hardware shows Bob's masterful grasp of all aspects of rodmaking. A great value here and better than many others selling for much more. Original brass caped tube and tan rod bag.

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