Saracione Deluxe Salmon Reel 3 1/2" RHW

SKU: 342

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An excellent Saracione Deluxe Salmon reel, 3 1/2" in diameter, and set up for RHW. In used but excellent condition. These benchmade reels exhibit a very high standard of craft and are a modern homage to the classic Vom Hofe style reels. Nickel silver rims,  spool, and S-handle, with jet black sideplates (in what looks to me to be black anodized aluminum). There is some patina on the rims and spool, though it could easily be polished out. The sideplates have a couple of very faint scratches but otherwise you would not know that this reel has been fished. A nice lever drag adjustment with 9 stops. "Saracione" and "009" stamped into the reel foot. Comes in a handsome brown leather block case, made for Joe by Arne Mason.