The Grand Cascapedia River: A History Volume I & II by Hoagy B. Carmichael

For sale here is a two volume book set of "The Grand Cascapedia River: A History Volume I & II" by Hoagy B. Carmichael.

The history of the Grand Cascapedia River spans over 150 years. It is replete with interesting men and women, whose interaction with others often exposed the uneven edges of human nature, and whose stories are the stuff of novels. Large fish also have their place in this narrative, as does the politics that goes with any piece of valued turf that is sought after by men of influence, many of whom were not Canadians. The provincial government realized after confederation in 1867 that salmon were a potentially valuable resource, a realization that promulgated directives designed to regulate fishing conditions on all provincial rivers. The subsequent regulations, and methods of enforcement, mark stages of progress in terms of salmon conservation that make up an important part of the history of the Grand Cascapedia River, and Canadian fisheries in general. The river has weathered a variety of managerial missteps, natural calamities, and outside political forces that could have altered it as a viable fishery. This, volume one, chronicles the history of this great salmon river from 1840 to approximately 1935, with photos, maps, and historical documentation that has heretofore remained mostly unexplored.

The second and final volume of the award-winning history of The Grand Cascapedia River. In its eleven chapters, Volume II covers the history of the river's eight camps, and the sports who fished out of them, from the mid-1930's through to the present day. Topics covered include the creation of the Cascapedia Society, salmon netting, both Native and commercial, the nagging difficulties of the logging industry and the Riparian Association. It also details the interesting story of how the Cascapedia Club (New Club) almost lost, but retained the river lease, and lastly an Appendix with several astonishing stories. A gallery of photographs at the end of each chapter further bring to life the relevant people, places and events. This volume is more than an account of the bellwether Grand Cascapedia River — it is a book for those interested in the history of Atlantic salmon fishing in Canada. Stories of big fish, big and little people, and the will it took by many to slowly return the river to its historic greatness.

Taking up from the mid-1930s where Volume I ended, Volume II covers in detail how the great river almost went back into the hands of the Canadian government during the Great Depression, how it was saved and by whom, and then how the pools were reallocated, much as they are today. The great camps, Tracadie, Middle Camp, and New Derreen, to name a few, are reborn and a New Club is formed. This volume also details in the "River Management" chapter important concerns that imperiled the river; weeks of river-mouth clogging log drives, excessive commercial fishing in the Bay of Chaleur, the rights of the Micmac Natives and their netting at the mouth of the river, and how the river's unique governing body, The Society, was conceived in the face of a hostile government.

All of the Carmichael books for sale on my website are in new condition and have been personally signed by Hoagy.

Volume One of two volumes: 1840—1935. 320 pages, 350 photos, with a detailed map of the river. Volume Two of two volumes: mid—1930s onward. Limited printing of 2200 copies. 1,120 photographs, many in full color. 512 pages. Marbled end papers. Sewn-in ribbon marker. Cloth slipcase. The front of the slipcases were opened when Hoagy signed the books, but remain intact otherwise.

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