Tufts and Batson Bamboo Rod - 6'3 4wt


For sale here is a striking rendition of Tufts & Batson's -- 6'3" 2/2 4wt -- "Paul H. Young's "Midge" bamboo rod. Made in December of 2017 for Chris Barclay, a fine fiberglass maker. 

The rod remains in mint condition. The rod features beautiful flame tempered cane with transparent honey wraps. Lightly blued hardware throughout. The tips are labeled A and B for convenience. The ventilated cigar grip measures 5 3/4" in length with the original plastic still in place. Cap and ring reel seat over a mortised cork spacer. The rod features fiberglass spigot ferrules for the utmost sensitivity and weight reduction. The fit is perfect. The rod weighs 2.25 oz. with a marked weight of 1 3/4 oz. (cane weight) The action is a swift and responsive medium-fast dry-fly capable of very accurate casts in tight quarters. 

Includes the original bag and labeled tube with brass fittings. 

Amelia and Gabe are cranking out some seriously stunning fly rods. The casting ability of the rods and attention to detail that they put into each rod is mind-blowing. Don't miss out!