Val Kropiwnicki - Crucesignati.312.SSBP

Crucesignati.312.SSBPis the second in my shrimp series. With this fly I wanted to focus more on the actual engraving compared to the more freeform engraving I did on the Cover Prawn.312.SSBP. Other designs I considered for this fly included a pattern made of radiation symbols and another based on surrealist paintings, but in the end a quasi-religious theme based on the cruciform won out. The color scheme of this fly is based on traditional garb worn by the pope. The black and white goose feather beneath the Golden Pheasant at the head of this fly was given to me by a friend who picked it up off the ground while fishing for big browns in Chile. I also considered "a Kid in Kings Clothesâ"as a potential title here but Crusecignati, Latin for crusaders, was perfect fit for the image of the lowly bottom feeding crustacean all dressed up to promote its cause, that I was trying to promote at the heart of this piece.

Stainless steel 3/0 - 2/0 triple - engraved Brass shell back

Included with this and each of Val's flies are copies from the pages of his sketchbooks that relate to the fly. These pages may include alternate designs, notes made during the creation of the piece as well as miscellaneous sketches for other pieces he was working on at the same time. A provenance package if you will that allows the buyer to more fully understand the artist and the piece.

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