Val Kropiwnicki - the Blackmore.610.VKS

The Blackmore.610.VKS sounds like a traditional Scottish salmon fly pattern but this fly actually gets its title from British guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, whose music I played continuously while building this sculpture. The circular cut outs in the main wing are a direct nod to a design hero of mine - Ari Hart.

54" x 38" x 4" steel and aluminum

Included with this and each of Val's flies are copies from the pages of his sketchbooks that relate to the fly. These pages may include alternate designs, notes made during the creation of the piece as well as miscellaneous sketches for other pieces he was working on at the same time. A provenance package if you will that allows the buyer to more fully understand the artist and the piece.

Please contact me for a shipping quote. This item is large and heavy and requires a custom shipping container.

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