Val Kropiwnicki - the Nunn Coachman.612.VKS

The Nunn Coachman.612.VKS is a piece I made to sit above the fireplace mantle in the Vermont home of a gentleman who does time on the Battenkill. A traditional duck quill wing dry inspired this steel and aluminum interpretation. This piece hovers a few inches off the field stone hearth, presenting changing reflections in the metalwork and casting changing shadows on stone as the sunlight progresses through his house each day.

30"x25"x3" steel and aluminum

Included with this and each of Val's flies are copies from the pages of his sketchbooks that relate to the fly. These pages may include alternate designs, notes made during the creation of the piece as well as miscellaneous sketches for other pieces he was working on at the same time. A provenance package if you will that allows the buyer to more fully understand the artist and the piece.

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