Wright & McGill Granger Marshall Fields "Four Striper" Bamboo Rod

SKU: VFT11027

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For sale here is a Marshall Fields "Four Striper" bamboo rod made by Wright & McGill. 9 1/2 feet, three sections with two tips. These rods were made for Marshall Fields circa 1950. The "Four Striper" model is equivalent to the W&M Granger "Favorite" rod model. The cane, ferrules and sometimes the reel seats (not this one) were Granger in origin. This rod remains in very good ++ condition. The female ferrule on the mid section was reset and rewrapped by South Creek Ltd. after the glue simply simply lost its bond. The tip tops were also re-glued at the same time. No other repairs are evident and none are needed. I'm not certain if the black anodized aluminum down-locking reel seat with rubber end button is original or not. The rod weighs 7 3/8 oz and would be a great bass or large trout rod! Comes with original bag and non-original tube (Herter's stamp on rubber tube cap). The ferrules sizes are 19/64 and 13/64. The ferrule fit is good. This rod needs to go fishing again!