February 18, 2010

Well well. Turns out that the story circulating the web (and originally published by the Cape Breton Post) that Stan Bogdan and son are calling it quits might have been a tad premature. Okay verypremature, at least to hear Mr. Bogdan talk about it. When Marshall Cutchin of the popular fly fishing site Midcurrent tracked Bogdan down to confirm the story, the gentleman certainly didn’t mince any words:

“I don’t know who got the idea. My son will eventually retire. But I will never retire, until they pick me up off the floor from in front of a lathe or drill press or something. I’m only ninety-one years old now, and that’s all I’ve ever done in my life, for seventy years.”

I guess that settles it. I’m awfully glad to hear the news, and you certainly have to admire his pluck. Tough, just like his reels.

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