In addition to building fly rods and selling quality tackle we offer a number of popular services to collectors and anglers around the world. In all of these capacities we work hard to serve the interests of both buyers and sellers. We’ve been working in the fine tackle industry since 1974 - that’s because we love fine tackle and love working with those who do too!

Consignment Program

Spinoza Consignment Program

Our consignment program has become incredibly popular with collectors and anglers around the world and consistently realizes some of the best values in the industry. For those unfamiliar, consigning is a partnership where the owner sends a consignor an item to sell on their behalf. There is no transfer of ownership between the owner and the consignor, and instead the consignor is paid a fee upon successfully selling the item. In most cases, and for most sellers, this is the best way to maximize the financial return on an item or a collection.

The Process

We accept consignments year-round on a rolling basis. Our process usually begins with an email or phone call to learn more about your goals, what you are interested in selling, and any other factors at play, including price desires, timing constraints, etc. Our specialty tends to be in the upper end of the market, so not all items may be a good fit for us but we’ll try and give you some good alternatives if that’s the case.

When we’ve agreed to consign an item for you we will send you a contract for your review and you can include a signed copy with the items when you send them to us. Sellers are responsible for getting the items safely to us, and we generally recommend shipping them via a reputable carrier with full insurance (we prefer UPS or Fedex).

Once items get to us, here is the process:

  1. Upon arrival, we will log the items in and put them in the queue for photographs. Once the photography is completed we will then inspect the items and work up a description as well as a proposed price based on our read of the market.
  2. We’ll combine this in a draft listing for your review before listing anything live on our website or through any other channel. Once approved we’ll list them available for sale.
  3. Once an item sells we mark it “sale pending” on our website. Consignors are often excited to see their item sell and expect a check in the mail the next day, but please keep in mind that there are a few additional steps that need to happen before an item is considered a final sale. First the buyer’s payment must be successfully processed (quite a few buyers pay with checks so there can be some wait time on the front end). Second, items are boxed very carefully to ensure safe passage, and then, of course, the item is outbound to the buyer and can take days, or in some cases weeks to successfully arrive at its destination (especially if sent overseas, and required to pass through customs). Lastly, we offer a three day inspection period on all tackle we sell, and so must wait until that passes before items are considered a truly final sale.
  4. Once sold we will process payouts for the proceeds within two weeks and can do so via a check or with a bank transfer, the latter of which carries a modest fee but is fast and easy. Please let us know if that is of interest to you.

Lastly, please note that we are often busy processing tackle that has arrived from collectors around the world, so the typical timeframe for how long it takes to get an item listed will fluctuate depending on how busy we are. 2-6 weeks is fairly typical but it can be longer during especially busy periods. If you want to get a sense of timing please let us know and we’d be happy to provide it. In many cases it also makes sense to list items strategically depending on what else is out there on the market, so flexibility and patience is often advantageous. If you are interested in realizing immediate cash for your tackle then a direct sale may be more appropriate. We ask for exclusive rights to sell an item for a minimum of 120 days and may agree to extend this period upon mutual agreement with the owner.

As always, if you have a question about the process or would simply like to discuss an item and whether this is a good fit for you, simply contact us. We’re always happy to chat.


Other Services

In addition to our consignment program we also assist collectors with a number of other services. If you are interested in learning about any of the services below or if you have a specific question or situation and are looking for some general feedback or advice, please contact us. We've helped a number of people successfully plan for their collections as well as source rare and specific items.

Purchasing Fly Fishing Tackle Collections

Purchasing Collections

We frequently purchase larger collections and estates and can offer immediate cash. This can be a great way for sellers to liquidate items quickly and cleanly, without the hassle of having to put in all of the work to sell the items themselves (it’s way more work than most people realize!). If you have a collection and are interested in this option please contact us to discuss it. We’d be happy to chat.
Fly Tackle Estate Planning

Estate Planning Services

Many collectors are concerned about what will befall their collection in the event the worst should happen, and appropriately so. In many cases children and others may not share the same passion or have the same knowledge about a collection’s value, so a little planning can be incredibly helpful.To assist with this, we have created a program to help collectors ensure that their heirs have the information they need. If you are interested in this please let us know. It’s simple, easy, and confidential.
Fly Fishing Tackle Appraisals and Estimates

Appraisals & Estimates

We frequently provide estimates and appraisals for a variety of tackle. Doing so with any accuracy, of course, requires seeing an item firsthand, particularly since condition is such an important factor in value. Please keep this in mind if contacting us about an item you have. If a firsthand inspection is not possible, sending quality detailed photographs will help us give you better information. For a formal appraisal, please contact us. Time permitting, we can do these for a modest fee.
Fly Fishing Tackle Private Sales

Private Sales

In some cases individuals may wish to sell an item but not have it publicly listed. We have an excellent network of collectors around the world, many of whom have specific interests which may be perfect for a private sale. Please contact us if this is an option you would like to pursue.
Locating Rare Fly Fishing Tackle

Locating Rare Items

If you are looking for a rare or hard-to-find item on your personal wish list, please let us know. We may be able to keep an eye out for items that are coming in for sale. We are also acquainted with many collections around the world and may be able to locate an item that’s not available publicly.
Brokered Fly Fishing Tackle Sales

Brokered Sales

Lastly, we also occasionally facilitate brokered sales between trusted buyers and sellers for a modest fee. If there is an item on your wish list and we know where to find one, we can often facilitate a transaction. In such cases we frequently act as an escrow for the payment, and have the seller ship directly to the seller. Upon successful and satisfactory receipt of the item we will complete the transaction.