Consigning Fine Fishing Tackle


In the last four decades of rodbuilding we’ve helped many people buy and sell classic tackle. While this market has blossomed over the years, it can still be a tricky one to navigate. Our goal is simple: to help clients maximize the return on individual pieces or whole collections. We do this by bringing together our technical expertise, strong knowledge of the market (backed by sophisticated data techniques), and a long list of customers and collectors who hail from around the world.


Our specialty is high-quality fly-fishing tackle, with an emphasis on that produced by master individual craftsman or by well established tackle companies. Though we are happy to have inquiries about consigning any quality tackle we are especially interested in any items produced by the following makers.

  • H.L. Leonard
  • E.F. Payne
  • "Pinky" Gillum
  • George Halstead
  • F.E. Thomas
  • Tom Maxwell
  • Sam Carlson
  • Everett Garrison
  • Edwards
  • C.F. Orvis
  • Lyle Dickerson
  • Paul H. Young
  • E.C. Powell
  • R.L. Winston
  • Gary Howells
  • Thomas & Thomas
  • Hardy Brothers
  • Stan Bogdan
  • Edward & Julius Vom Hofe
  • Otto Zwarg
  • Joe Saracione
  • A.L. Walker
  • W.H. Dingley
  • Ted Godfrey
  • Joe Janciuras
  • Paul Hermann
  • Philbrook & Payne


We can often help consign - or may even purchase outright - sizable collections of quality fishing tackle that are part of large estates. If you are looking to achieve good value for a large collection please contact us - we are often able to give such collections maximum exposure to the premium collector's market. Due to time constraints we do not ordinarily offer standalone inspections or appraisals, except in unusual circumstances. If you have a question about this possibility, again, please contact us.

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