Don Schroeder Fly Rod 8'6" 2/2 #5

SKU: 679

A nice Don Schroeder fly rod, 8'6", 2-Piece, 2-tip, built for a #5 line. Serial number 54613. Weighs 5.1 ounces. Fast DF action. Near mint, lightly used condition. The grip is clean with just the tiniest hint of hand soiling, the rod is straight and the ferrule fits are good. The only sign of use is some light wear to the inside of the guides. Lightly flamed cane in a two-opposed node pattern, laid out in a spiral pattern. The wraps are dark maroon with some windaways at the keeper and the male ferrule. The keeper is one flat right and the lettering is two flats right. Super Z style swiss ferrules are oxidized. The rod comes with an aluminum, brass, and cork ferrule plug. The grip is 6 1/2" long full wells profile with only a tiny amount of hand soiling. The reel seat is a downlocking screw lock with both the threaded barrel and the walnut insert mortised. An aluminum cap fits on the bottom. The rod packs into a dark maroon cloth bag and a brass topped aluminum tube with the DG Schroeder data sticker.