EC Powell Bamboo Rod 9'6" 3/1 #6

SKU: 657

An EC Powell semi-hollow fly rod, 9'6", 3-piece, 1-tip, built for what feels to me like a #6 line. Weighs 5.7 ounces on my scale. 2-opposed node construction with honey colored cane. Patent number #1932986 inked on the butt section along with the original owner's name. Darker, gold-colored wraps with standard single intermediate wraps throughout, and the wrap just above the grip having a lighter gold and black tipping. Medium, full-flexing action. Polished bright ferrules. The tip has a slight downstream set but the butt and mid are nice and straight. This rod likely had delamination issues, evidenced by the 4 1/2" clear wrap along the butt, and a longer almost 15" clear wrap along the middle portion of the mid. It appears to have been refinished after the clear wraps were added. Standard Powell-style grip with the bakelite reel seat spacer and uplocking aluminum hardware with the EC Powell stamp on it. Comes in a SF-era Winston rod bag and aluminum tube (the cap is missing and a temporary plastic tube cap has been added). A nice fisher here for folks who want a long, light single-hander for large trout or light steelhead.