EC Powell Fly Rod 9' 2/1 #5/6

SKU: 658

An EC Powell semi-hollow fly rod, 9', 2-piece, 1-tip, built for what feels to me like a 5 or 6 line. Weighs 4.6 ounces on my scale. Patent number lettered on the shaft. 2-opposed node construction and honey colored cane. The rod has had some work done on it to deal with delamination evidenced by a lengthy clear wrap which runs just above the grip up to the stripping guide, as well as several smaller clear wraps above the stripper. Similarly the tip section has a 12" clear wrap on the lower portion and a reinforcement bamboo strip near the top that has been clear wrapped. The upper most guide on the butt section is also missing, and the tip is a half inch shorter than the butt section. Some of the wraps used for the replacement work are slightly lighter than the original Powell brown. The ferrules are bright. The grip has some modest ridging and is done in the standard Powell profile. The black bakelite seat has a vertical crack running along its length. Aluminum hardware with the Powell stamp. Medium full-flexing action. Comes in a brown bag and aluminum tube with brass top and bottom. With a guide replacement on the butt this should be a serviceable fisher.