EC Powell Steelhead Fly Rod 9'6" 3/2 #7

SKU: 665

A semi-hollow EC Powell fly rod, 9'6", 3-piece, 2-tip (one tip 2" short), built for what feels to me like a #7 line. Medium fast action. Weighs 5.4 ounces on my scale. I would grade this as being in used fair condition with some areas that could use a little attention before being trotted out for more years of service. There are several hook digs to the butt section and most of the wraps on all sections have fair-quality overcoats. The butt female ferrule is loose and held on by the pin. There is a possible area of delamination 9" below the mid female ferrule, which I would recommend putting some clear wraps over. There is another decent sized hook dig about 5 1/2" below the mid female. As with the rest of the rod, the wraps have all been overvarnished. The full length tip is in poor condition with areas of no varnish and some hook digs which could use some attention and the third guide down from the tip top has a break between the feet of the guide and needs an overwrap. There are also some corner chips and a distinct "hop" off to one side. While the butt and mid are straight the full length tip has a downstream mend. The short tip us in better condition. A half wells grip and the standard Powell uplocking reel seat. The patent number is inscribed one flat right. Original bag and tube with 75% of the Powell data sticker still intact. With a few issues remedied this rod could be a serviceable, big water fisher.