HL Leonard Fly Rod 9' 3/3 #6

SKU: 473

An H.L. Leonard fly rod, 9', 3-piece, with 3-tips. 2 of the tips are short, and the rod comes with two mid sections as well. Fair condition. I'd rate this as working well with a #6 line. This is an older rod with the potbelly ferrules, the patent date on the butt female and the old roller stamp "H. L. Leonard, Rod, Leonard and Mills Co, Makers". The cap and ring show the beautiful and delicate hand turning on par with the best of anything done at Payne.  

Unfortunately, the rod has been poorly refinished. It was stripped and then a thin coat of varnish applied and the wraps applied over the varnish, not under. The keeper wrap is red and green jasper and all the rest of the wraps are gold-tan. Of the two midsections, one has cracked facets at two of the node spots and some hook digs. It's easy to surmise why the second mid was made.  

Two of the tips are 1/2" short, though fortunately not enough to have an appreciable effect on the action. All the snake guides are fresh and un-worn while the tip tops are the nice old taper tube, small-hoop style but have some wear grooving. The owner's name "Robert Cheney" is engraved on the butt cap and his initials are engraved on the male ferrules too. The cigar grip is 5" long and composed of 3/8" corks and has been cleaned and sanded with coarse sandpaper. The rod comes packed in non-original bag and tube.