Leonard Model 755 Duracane Fly Rod 7'6" 2/2 #5

SKU: 593

An H.L. Leonard Model 755 Duracane fly rod, 7'6", 2-piece, 2-tip, and built for a #5 line. Serial #3064, which should put the date of production in the mid-to-late 1970's. Medium-full flexing action. Good used condition. The rod is impregnated and wrapped brown with black edges. Ceramic type stripper. The cane is wheat straw color and built in three up node pattern construction. The keeper is one flat right.  The grip is 5 1/2" long and a medium blunt cigar.  The reel seat is a down lock screw lock of black anodized aluminum with a butternut spacer. The nickel silver pocket cap is oxidized and stamped "H.L. Leonard Rod Co, Makers" in a cartouche. The rod comes with the original bag and brass-topped tube with the Leonard data sticker.