Leonard Tournament Salmon Rod 9'6" 3/2 #9

SKU: 566

A nice Leonard Salmon rod, 9'6", 3-piece, 2-tips, built for what feels to me like a #9. 8.3 ounces. Detachable fighting butt. Used but showing very little guide wear. Original and full length, with one guide having been re-wrapped (somewhat amateurishly, I'm afraid). 2" above that a hook dig chip has been sanded out but not re-polished. Nice medium fast action, semi-full-flexing without being slow. 3 up node pattern construction and the cane has a wheat straw temper. The guide wraps are 326 red with some bag impression on one side. The tip with the repair wrap on the guide also as a set of somewhat close nodes, about 2" apart. The ferrule fits are fine and the rod is very straight. The grip is a 6" long western style and the cork pores have been filled and sanded. The reel seat is an all nickel silver downlock with a pocket cap soldered at the bottom. There is a small area of the pocket cap where someone has done some filing, possibly to set a pin? Stamped "Tournament" and "the Leonard Rod, HL Leonard Rod Co, Makers" in cartouche, and "Reg US Pat Off" below that. The pull out cap is knurled and has a 2 ring target and the number "6". The fighting butt is 4 1/2" long with a black rubber button. The grey cloth bag has a provision for the fighting butt. No hang tag. The brass top aluminum tube is original.