Paul Young Parabolic 18 Fly Rod 9'3" 2/2 #9

SKU: 816

A Paul Young Parabolic 18 model fly rod, 9'3", 2-piece, 2-tip, built for a GAF line weight or the equivalent to a modern #9. Weighs in at 7.4 ounces. Lightly used condition after being refinished by Bob summers. Very powerful action. The inscription on the rod reads one flat right "Reel Seat, Etc. + refinished by RW Summers, 7/1/2013", then three flats right "Parabolic 18 - 9'3" 6 1/8 oz GAF", then four flats right "Paul H. Young - Detroit - Maker" and finally five flats right "18/64 fer 7/64 tip top". The rod is straight as a pin and the ferrule fits are good. 2 opposed node construction and mottled flamed cane. The wraps are a light brown with chrome snakes. Polished step ferrules. The keeper is on the wrap flat. 7 1/2" long grip, which tapers down from the front to the reel seat at the back. A thumbpad has been carved into the grip opposite the wrap flat. The downlocking reel seat is polished aluminum with a mortised walnut spacer. A nickel silver pocket cap is stamped "Paul H Young Co., Detroit, Mich" in a cartouche. A hole is ported in the bottom with a ferrule to receive the fighting butt which is attached to the outside of the tube. One tip has a faint pencil mark circling around teh top between the first guide and the tip top. The second tip has 2 seams that appear to be a joining issue rather than glue. The rod comes packed in a white cloth bag and an aluminum tube with a snap locking top. The fighting butt pocket of the bag needs some re-sewing.