Dingley Fly Reel 3"

SKU: VFT7679

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For sale here is a Dingley 3" fly reel. Made in the 1930's. Stamped D11 on the frame and 11 on the foot. This excellent condition reel is RHW and retains nearly all of its original leading. Gear teeth and pawl still very sharp. Un-filed original smooth nickel silver reel foot with two screws measures 2.6". Great condition ebonite handle and it spins freely. The handle doesn't look like most Dingley handles but the backside of the winding plate doesn't look unoriginal or messed with and the cup appears original as well. The reel has no wobble. The reel foot pillars are both slightly cracked where the foot attaches. However, reel foot remains securely attached - no movement whatsoever. Reel weighs 5.80 oz.