Dingley Fly Reel 4" - Perfect Style

SKU: VFT7934

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For Sale - Vintage Dingley 4" Perfect Style Fly Reel.

Stamped D5 and 5 throughout. This excellent condition reel is RHW and comes with a nice and strong single check from the 1930's. Ball bearing race built under winding plate. Knurled tensioner works perfectly. No line guide or retailer stamp on this one. Gear teeth and pawl still very sharp. Un-filed original smooth brass reel foot with four screws. Crazed ebonite handle that spins freely. The reel has no wobble. No cracks/chips or prior repairs. Majority of original leading remaining. Knurling to rims. Reel weighs 14.4 oz and the foot is 3.5 inches long.