Dingley / Walker Bampton 2 5/8" fly reel

SKU: VFT6703

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For sale here is a 2 5/8" fixed check fly reel made stamped for Walker Bampton. Matching "2" stamps throughout. Made by Ernest Dingley. Common ED reel characteristics include shouldered pillars, lack of an incised line connecting the spool perforations, and screws holding the pawl posts. This reel is in really nice condition. No undue spool/spindle play. Foot is full length and not filed. Gear teeth and pawl still super sharp. The ebonite handle turns a bit stiffly, but this is easily fixed. I've flipped the pawl on the reel and the resulting action is a superb little left hand retrieve reel in a very rare size! Of course the spring orientation is for right hand wind, but at this size, it can either be a right or left hand reel. The spring is also nice and strong. The reel weighs 4 oz and the reel foot measures 2.2" in length.