E.C. Powell Truckee Special / Tournament Bamboo Rod 9'6 2/2 #5/6

SKU: VFT2679

For sale here is an E.C. Powell Truckee Special / Tournament 9'6 5-6wt semi-hollowbuilt bamboo rod. Two sections with two tips. The rod is in excellent restored condition with a few repairs. There are invisible repair wraps on both tips. Both of the tips remain original length. On the first tip the wrap is 10" down from the tip-top and is 4 1/2" in length. On the second tip the repair is 5" down from the tip-top and 5" in length. The repairs look professional and are fairly unnoticeable.

The rod features medium tempered cane with copper-colored wraps. Pale gold and black tipping at the winding check. The winding check wraps and snake guide hook-keeper appear to be original. The original snake guides were rusted and replaced with modern snakes. The rust from the old guides is evident in the cane surrounding a few of the guide wraps. Original agate stripping guide. The script on the butt remains bold and clean. The characteristic E.C. Powell-style grip is a replacement. There is only very light soiling and void of all other defects. Bright aluminum up-locking reel seat with a black bakelite spacer. The reel seat is in fine condition free of scratches or dents. Stamped into the buttcap is, 

                                                       E.C. POWELL


                                                   MARYSVILLE, CAL.

Excellent ferrule fit. There are indented witness marks on the ferrules for easy alignment.The rod features a medium-fast action and is quite smooth. The rod feels light in the hand considering the length, thanks to the semi-hollow construction.The rod weighs 4.75 oz. Original bag and tube with label 95% intact. Don't miss out on this rod from one of the most influential makers of bamboo fly rods.