FE Thomas Dirigo Fly Rod 9' 3/2 #3/4

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A nice FE Thomas Dirigo fly rod, 9', 3-piece, 2-tips, built for a #3 or #4 line. 1931 manufacture date. Medium slow to slow action. Good all original condition with some micro alligatoring and small varnish chips. I would not hesitate to fish this rod, just not in a rainstorm. It has fine tips and reminds me very much of an early Leonard Catskill.  No stripping guide, just a reverse twist snake guide. Gold guide wraps and 8 signatures with full intermediates in gold. 5 3/4" slim cigar grip. All nickel silver seat with slide band and soldered pocket cap. It has "31" stamped on the bottom and the roller die stamp and "Dirigo, F.E. Thomas, Bangor, Me"  in a cartouche. The all-metal seat has some dings but is fully functional. The rod is straight and the ferrule fits are good. The tips come in a flamed, varnished, bamboo tip tube with a brass cap. All are packed in the original canvass outer bag with the hangtag. Not bad for a 90-year-old rod.