FE Thomas Special Salmon Rod 8'6 3/2 #8

SKU: 161

An FE Thomas special salmon rod, 8'6" 3-piece, 2-tip, built for a #8 line. Stamped 7F on the butt cap. Originally sold to Herb Welch in 1948. Fair condition, has some minor bag imprint and small chips in the varnish. One tip has a cracked node just below the 2nd guide from the bottom and should have a clear wrap to make this tip usable. Wrapped brown with 3,7,3,1, signature wraps in brown. 6" blunt cigar grip. Downlocking screw lock seat with a Spanish cedar spacer. Nickel silver pocket cap stamped "F.E.Thomas, Special, Bangor Me. " Small reverse twist guides and stripper lend themselves to the use of a silk line. Ferrule fits are good. Blue cloth bag and an unusual aluminum tube with a leather carry strap attached.