Charlton 8550C Fly Reel w/Tarpon Spool - LHW

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A mint Charlton 8550C fly reel with a tarpon spool. Set up for LHW. The reel and  spool are in mint, unused condition. 4 1/2" diameter with a 1 3/16" spool width. The capacity for this model is listed as WF 10 and 400 yards of 30 lb backing. The sealed carbon fiber disk drag is self-adjusting and has over 9-square inches of surface area. Excellent all-black type-III hard anodizing except for the centre medallion and the counterweight which are done in chrome. The reel is packed in the original padded green pouch. A highly sought-after Charlton model here, it doesn't get much better than this for chasing large saltwater species.