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Pezon et Michel - Charles Ritz’ personal tournament reel

Charles Ritz’ personal tournament reel.

This 3 ¼” super smooth running checkless reel is adapted from a modified Pezon et Michel Silentreel with perforated spool, cutaway backplate and reverse tapered handle. The handwritten label on the ribbed foot is believed to be in Ritz’ own hand ~ it says "Petite Rivière - 100grs", which refers to an “Accuracy event casting, i.e floating target, with a 100grams heavy rod.”

Provenance –

Part of Evans & Partridge’s Stocksbridge auction in 2004 – see photos (original catalogue is included in sale, (the CR Book is the photographers own)).

The current owner acquired it some years ago from dealer Roger Still, who confirmed E & P’s description was correct. He subsequently contacted the International Fario Club who stated –

“Pezon & Michel, the maker, run its own casting competition's team " Pezon & Michel Sports" renamed "Poids & Mouches Sport", culminating in the 1950 and 1960's with lots of victories vs Hardys in the Int'l Tournament, and nationwide against Louis Perrot's team, the other French tackle maker of the day involved in casting. The reel is a Silentreel from their catalog, modified by one of the factory ingeneer most probably. It has been lightened to the point the rod & reel weigh as little as possible, and very likely 100 grams for the rod itself.”

Charles Ritz should need no introduction to anglers on either side of the Atlantic. Early life in NY, fishing the Beaverkill, his friendship with Lee Wulff, his collaborations with P&M and his founding of the Fario Club are just part of a “Fly Fisher’s Life”.

A chance to add a rare and historic reel to your collection.

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