Peak, Russ -- Zenith PGG 8'3 5-6wt Companion Rod

SKU: VFT2929

For sale here is a very special and perhaps unique Russ Peak Zenith fiberglass/graphite fly rod - 8'3" 5-6wt -- four sections with two mids and two tips. Serial no. 13716. This is a companion style rod - depending on configuration you can have a 5 or 6wt rod. The rod is in excellent condition and was well cared for and sparingly used. Chocolate brown sanded fiberglass with dark brown wraps and sand colored tipping. Bright guides and a V-shaped hook keeper. The original owner's name is inked on the butt section and also on the tube label. The rod has glass ferrules except for the mid and tip section for the 5wt line application, which has nickel silver ferrules. These two sections are graphite as opposed to the rest of the rod being fiberglass. The fit on all sections is excellent. Silver witness marks. Cigar grip with some soiling. Down-locking cap and ring reel seat with cork spacer. The 5wt configuration is an authoritative medium-fast with a quick tip. The 6wt is a bit slower with a more full flexing tip/mid section. The rod weighs 3.45 oz. and 3.55 oz. depending on set-up. Includes original bag and tube with label. A very nice companion style rod, two for the price of one!